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February 13, 2009
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(BPRW) Have a Heart

(BLACK PR WIRE) (February 14, 2009) February is American Heart Month here in the United States asking Americans to take great good care of their most vital organ. Heart disease is a leading cause of death and disability with millions of Americans living everyday with some form of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease refers to the class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels. High blood pressure, coronary heart disease and congenital heart disease are considered cardiovascular diseases.
According to statistics compiled by the American Heart Association as reported in 2007, cardiovascular diseases rank as the number one killer of African Americans in the nation, responsible for over 36% of annual black deaths. Moreover close to 45% of black adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure, a condition directly linked to heart attack, heart failure and stroke?�

The good news is that heart disease is preventable and can be counteracted with regular exercise, healthy eating habits, by maintaining a health weight, avoiding tobacco use and monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels with the aid of a licensed physician. Preventative screenings are available to thwart heart disease in its many forms by recognizing the risk factors early and working to halt further development.
Understanding how heart disease can be prevented is vital to diminishing deaths and health problems in this country therefore each American Heart Month bears witness to a new effort and commitment to fighting this disease through increased public awareness. With the appropriate prevention and treatment, heart disease can be combated.