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February 15, 2010
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Della Spearman
Interdenominational Theological Center

(BPRW) Maxwell's Absence May Have Caused Some Hearts to Beat Faster

(BLACK PR WIRE/ITC-ATLANTA) – He's a one in a million, or is he the first of 200? Distance and time sometimes make the heart grow fonder. Or is there something mystical about absence?
Just ask fans of Maxwell (Rivera) in the Atlanta metropolitan area (Maxwell is his middle name, Rivera his last name). It has been a long time coming but for change, patience has to become a virtue. Fans had to wait seven years for his recently released album, BLACKsummers' night" (Columbia). The album is part of a trilogy to be released in subsequent years.

There are several options available in order to enjoy his stage presence or recordings again. First, music enthusiasts in Atlanta are going to have to drive to a neighboring state, South Carolina, for an upcoming live performance or be content with musical glimpses from a recent national TV performance. Or thirdly, listen and slow dance to his nine-song album released July 7, 2009 on Columbia Records.

On the BET Awards, Maxwell treated viewers to a synchronized R&B symphonic show. A throwback to neo-soul and an era of strong lyrical and production talent, he treats his live audiences to a more than 10-piece tightly orchestrated band arrangement. On the nationally televised show, Maxwell premiered his first single "Pretty Wings," now a Billboard 200 chart hit, to a cross-generational audience bringing back memories of back in the day. Who says his waiting and patience game will not bring top chart results?
Yesterday is gone but in the present, the songs "Help Somebody" and "Fistful of Tears" seem to be favorites bringing back 'ole time passion with an upbeat and colorful groove. Not afraid of challenges, he touches on rock accompanied by some instrumentals on "Help Somebody," but ends the song abruptly. At times on the album, Maxwell's voice sounds original and raw with true emotions. Only the buying general public will show their true appreciation for his lasting talent by purchasing this effort or downloading the first part of what he says is a heart-felt, three-part true story of his past experiences.