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December 20, 2010
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Louise Cummings
Butch Lewis Productions

(BPRW) The Truth About Wesley Snipes Misdemeanor Case

• Sign the Petition to Attorney General Eric Holder for Wesley Snipes constitutional rights for Due Process and a FAIR TRIAL.
• Learn the TRUTH about the facts of the case including prosecutorial misconduct and juror misconduct.
• View Wesley Snipes interview on “Larry King Live”
• Listen to Wesley Snipes Interview with Roland Martin

( BLACK PR WIRE) (December 20, 2010) The TRUTH about Wesley Snipes Misdemeanor Case!

1) Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3-years in prison for 3 MISDEMEANOR charges for failure to file tax a return.

2) Mr. Snipes was NEVER convicted of tax evasion.

3) Mr. Snipes was ACQUITTED of ALL alleged felony charges.

4) Mr. Snipes was the ONLY ONE who was indicted out of over 4,000 clients with the firm which including lawyers, doctors, business owners and IRS EMPLOYEES.

5) At the 2008 trial, the prosecution’s key witness AGAINST Mr. Snipes was Kenneth Starr and every witness against Mr. Snipes came from Kenneth Starr’s office.

6) In May 2010, Kenneth Starr was indicted for a Ponzi scheme in which he stole Billions of dollars from his clients. In October 2010, Starr pled guilty to most of the charges.

7) The prosecution KNEW at the time of Wesley Snipes Trial that Kenneth Starr was under suspicion for fraud and several other offenses but NEVER turned any of that information over to the defense team as REQUIRED BY LAW.

8) Judge Hodges sentenced Mr. Snipes to 3 years in prison for MISDEMEANOR convictions to make an example of him for a crime he NEVER committed.

9) Following Mr. Snipes sentencing, two (2) jurors from Mr. Snipes trial voluntarily sent unsolicited emails stating that there were three (3) jurors who presumed that Mr. Snipes was guilty before the trial began. The remaining jurors in rendering their verdict NEVER believed he would be sent to jail and felt they needed to come forward to show the juror misconduct.

10)Judge Hodges has refused to interview the alleged jurors to confirm their misconduct and issue Mr. Snipes a New Trial, which by law he deserves.

Visit FREESNIPESNOW.COM because tomorrow it could happen to you or your family.

Mr. Snipes and those who support him are not asking for special treatment but FAIR treatment and a FAIR TRIAL that should be afforded to every law abiding citizen in the United States of America.