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February 01, 2011
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KFC Corporation
Laurie Schalow

(BPRW) KFC Retains Right to Control Brand Image and Advertising

(BLACK PR WIRE) LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--“We’re very pleased with the Vice Chancellor’s decision today affirming that KFC Corp. has the exclusive authority to control the brand image and advertising,” said Roger Eaton, KFC President. 

According to Vice Chancellor Strine, “KFC Corp. has the exclusive authority to direct the national advertising agency, an authority that must include the ability to consider how KFC advertising positions KFC as a brand in its consumers’ minds.”

Specifically, the Vice Chancellor found that “KFC Corp. retains the right to hire, fire and direct the national advertising agency” and to air only those commercials that KFC believes in good faith to be consistent with its brand image.

“This lawsuit was always about retaining rights, not gaining rights and we are pleased the court has affirmed that the franchisees do not have authority to run ads which KFC Corp. deems to be inconsistent with its brand image,” added Eaton.