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October 14, 2011
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Vanessa Loy
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(BPRW) Tightening Your Belt This Fall Season

(BLACK PR WIRE) -- The end of September normally marks the beginning of the fall season. Those in northern regions are the first to feel the seasonal changes as the weather becomes noticeably cooler. If there wasn’t enough back to school shopping for school supplies and summer clothes, the cycle starts over again when your children need winter clothes. Economics are a major concern for many African American families, especially in unpredictable times. It’s no wonder that previous generations used the expression “tightening your belt” to refer to saving money. Clothing expenses add up!

There are a few ways you can clothe yourself and your growing children without growing your expenses. First, anticipate the timing of sales. People tend to shop based on their wardrobe needs at that moment, but you can save money by planning ahead. While stores hold sales throughout the year, most hold sales at the turn of the season specifically to get rid of the previous season’s merchandise. In other words, shop out of season. In the next few months, look out for bargains on summer outfits in anticipation of next year. As February comes around, stock up on winter clothes.

Inquire about online membership at your favorite stores. Some stores email members-only coupons that can be used for shopping online or in person. If you are comfortable with online shopping, look to see if they have online-only sales. Of course, it’s always wise to try clothing on in person at the local store before purchasing online.

Don’t overlook thrift stores and discount retailers. One-stop style chains want to capitalize on the convenience of having all necessities at one place. They generally have lower prices on adult and children’s apparel than traditional department stores. As for thrift stores, remember that many people are dissatisfied with non-returnable/non-refundable merchandise. Chances are these barely used shoes, clothes and accessories will end up at a thrift store, for a fraction of the original price. With a little planning, tightening your family’s belt won’t feel like such a squeeze.