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November 11, 2011
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Shari Baron
Florida A&M University

(BPRW) Florida Grads Struggle with Employment

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) – With the economy in its fragile state, many students who graduate from college in 2011 enter into the "real world" unsure of what they will face. Some college students started applying for jobs as early as a semester before their graduation to try and ensure a stable future. However, because the job market is so uncertain many students will not find a job at all.

Students leaving college have to face the reality of paying back loans and finding ways to take care of themselves without the shelter of college life. To add to that stress, because many businesses are having to lay off employees left and right, employers have a vast amount of prospects to choose from. College graduates find themselves competing against people with years of work experience and multiple degrees.

"The first job interview after graduation was the worst," says Saphira St. Fort, a recent graduate of Florida State University's School of Business. "The man interviewing me asked how long I've been working in marketing, and after I told him I've only had two internships, he ended the interview and said he'd call me in a couple of weeks. I never heard from him after that."

Some students feel as though going back to school for a master's or doctoral degree is the only way they can be competitive. "I'm still trying to find a job and I graduated two months ago," says George South, a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University's political science program. "It feels like my only real option is going back to school for a higher degree."

Others struggle to find jobs pertaining to their degrees. "Since I graduated, I've been on over 10 interviews searching for public relations jobs with no luck," says Nari Tomlison, a recent graduate of Florida A&M University's public relations sequence. "It got very frustrating. However, I recently found a part-time position at a law firm, which should give me great experience for further endeavors."

The FAMU Career Center gives students these five tips in order to increase your chances of getting a job after graduation:

1. Be polite and handle every encounter professionally; you never know who you are meeting.
2. Type a résumé and carry it with you. Make sure it is up to date and professional.
3. Wear a suit and look the part at ALL interviews.
4. Always be professional; you never know who is watching.
5. Intern, intern, intern. Experience is the key.