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March 01, 2013
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Tanisha Coleman
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(BPRW) Leveraging Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Webinars are key for sharing practical information with the community. That’s why it was so fitting for Raschanda Hall, global media relations manager at Business Wire and Bernadette Morris, president and CEO of Black PR Wire to co-present their 2013 Minority Leadership Series.

The popular webinar, entitled “Leveraging Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships,” garnered a vast listening audience from all across the country. This 90-minute session included a dynamic panel of marketing and communications professionals who eagerly shared their tools of leveraging business services through strategic partnerships.

The all-star panelist line-up included Danita King, principal/founder, PRNoir; Cyn Davis, Senior Manager, ICF International; James Andrews, founder, Social People; and Alexis Davis Smith, CEO, PRecise Communications. Key points shared from each panelist on how to leverage opportunities for strategic partnerships are listed below:

Danita King, principal/founder, PRNoir:

Be proactive – seek opportunities in a creative way.

Engage in relationship building – develop genuine relationships with senior level marketers, advertisers and brand managers.

Be flexible and patient – take it one step at a time. Relationships will most likely not be established overnight.

Keep an updated portfolio/body of work – be ready to showcase your products/services at all times.

Have advocates – build a rapport with people who believe in you, your products and services.

Be fearless – don’t be afraid to do blind outreach. Call up a potential partner, introduce yourself, and pitch why and how you can be a valuable partner.

Cyn Davis, Senior Manager, ICF International:

Do your homework – know and be familiar with who you’d like to do business with.

Identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration – make sure that you and your potential partners speak the same language.

Highlight the benefits and challenges of building specific strategic partnerships – make sure that you address the inevitable question: What’s in it for me and what’s in it for them?

Develop an action strategy to engage in specific partnership building efforts – list strategies that are designed to meet your client’s/partner’s needs.

Create a good rapport – make sure that you have a good rapport/chemistry with your potential partners.

Follow up once the relationship exists – make a vow to listen to your partner’s feedback and continue to nurture the relationship.

James Andrews, founder, Social People:

Stay abreast of new technology being created to maximize your attractiveness.

Spend time in the world of analytics which is currently driving communications.

Create a database of individual influencers – a list of influential people with whom you would like to partner.

Reach out to organizations and engage in public speaking to add value to business development.

Consider your clients as partners – they are the best advocates of your work.

Stay connected and use your connections to connect others.

Alexis Davis Smith, CEO, PRecise Communications:

Demonstrate mutual respect – show respect for your partners and expect it in return.

Create opportunity for input and collaboration from the onset – make sure that your input is respected and included from the beginning.

Position yourself as a partner – don’t view your company as a subcontractor or vendor, but a partner.

Understand and facilitate space for the other’s role – stay in your lane and respect others’ expertise.

Include a fair division of work and income – be upfront and clear about what revenue percentage you will contribute to your partner and expect in return.

Share common values and a commitment to excellence – share your passion for delivering excellence.

These tips for leveraging opportunities for strategic partnerships will hopefully provide insight into how to increase your bottom line, work with bigger brands, and expand your client base. To obtain a copy of the PowerPoint deck presented during the webinar, log on to Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of the latest happenings with Black PR Wire.