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August 25, 2014
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(BPRW) Surviving a Hurricane

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Hurricane season is here! While hurricanes can be devastating to families and communities, you and your family can survive a hurricane if you take the right precautions. Here are some tips for the safety of your life, loved ones and living arrangements.

Develop a family plan
Assess the sturdiness of your home, and figure out if it is vulnerable to heavy rains or strong winds. If you decide to stay in your home, pick a safe spot away from any windows where your family will stay as the hurricane hits. If you decide your home is unsafe, know where you will be seeking shelter and what escape routes are best to get there. Have emergency numbers handy at all times.

Create an emergency supply kit
Your kit should include daily water, food, clothing and toiletries for all your family members for one week. Be sure to bring blankets, pillows, a battery-powered radio or television with sufficient batteries, medications, and flashlights. Get cash and fill up your car with gas. Seal up any important documents in a waterproof container. Make sure you have access to a landline phone as well as a cell phone.

Have an evacuation plan
If your family must evacuate, do it as soon as possible. Make all plans and reservations with friends, family or hotels before your leave your home. Realize that local hotels book up quickly in the event of a hurricane. If you plan on leaving the immediate area to evacuate, still know where all the hurricane shelters are in your city. If the weather is already getting worse, you should go to a local shelter instead of trying to drive during a hurricane.

Secure your home
Protect those areas of your home where wind and rain can enter, particularly your home’s roof, shutters, doors and windows. If possible, install hurricane straps which are metal fixtures that hold the roof of your house to the walls. Check your home insurance policy to see what types of damages are covered.

Make a plan for your pets
Don’t leave your pets behind during a hurricane! Most hurricane shelters do not accept pets, but you should call ahead of time to be sure. If you cannot bring your pets to a friend or relative’s home, look into a pet shelter, animal control shelter, or veterinary clinic for their shelter. Make sure your pets have all the proper I.D., medications and vaccinations before dropping them off.

Keep all these tips in mind, and your family can stay safe during a difficult time.