For Immediate Release
July 16, 2014
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Contact: Bernadette Morris
T: 305-948-8063


(BLACK PR WIRE) – Keeping our paradise litter-free takes front and center stage at the Miami-Dade Community Image Advisory Board (CIAB) Meeting, hosted by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, recently.

Among the invited guests were representatives from the Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Roadside Litter Prevention Education Media Campaign. The team presented the key components of the campaign and invited the 50+ participants of the board to join the worthy cause and initiative in their local communities.

The campaign, “Drive it Home – Keep Our Paradise Litter-Free,” is designed to raise awareness of litter and ultimately alter public behavior.

“For more than a decade the CIAB has been urging partners to create beautiful corridors, gateways and terminals. The Drive it Home campaign is in complete alignment with our goals,” said Patrice Gillespie Smith, Community Image Manager of Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces for the Community Image Advisory Board. “We look forward to joining forces for our collaborative partnership."

About the CIAB:

Housed in the Parks Recreation and Open Spaces Department, the CIAB is a multi-jurisdictional collaborative dedicated to creating beautiful gateways, corridors and connections through cleaning and greening investments. Working with members, including the Florida Department of Transportation, PortMiami, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau and Miami-Dade Public Works and Waste Management departments, the CIAB’s impact can be seen in efforts, such as: litter reduction, tree plantings, roadway landscaping and Metrorail station improvements. The CIAB launched Million Trees Miami in 2010.

The Florida Department of Transportation is an executive agency which reports directly to the Governor. FDOT’s primary statutory responsibility is to coordinate the planning and development of a safe, viable, and balanced state transportation system serving all regions of the state, and to assure the compatibility of all components, including multimodal facilities. FDOT’s multimodal transportation system includes roadway, air, rail, sea, spaceports, bus transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. FDOT is launching the multi-year Roadside Litter Prevention Education (RLPE) Media Campaign in an effort to support the beauty of Florida and maintain a place that residents can be proud of every day, every year.

For more information on the FDOT Roadside Litter Prevention Education Media Campaign, contact Bernadette Morris at 305-948-8063 or visit the website at