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April 26, 2016
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(BPRW) Author Offers Advice to Motherless Daughters on Mother's Day

(Black PR Wire) ATLANTA (April 26, 2016) – As Mother’s Day approaches, it can be a difficulttime for women who have lost their mothers to death. Author L.K. Alexander-Bedford wrote Straight from the Heart and Spirit of a Mother to bring comfort, strength and faith to all women in need but especially to those like her, the motherless. During this Mother’s Day weekend, she hopes toencourage young women who miss that very important bond.

Alexander-Bedford lost her mom at the tender age of 11. She relates to research confirming losing a mother as a child has a profound and altering effect on one’s life trajectory. She also understands that for the adult woman,that lost means losing a life line or best friend. In her early 70s, Alexander-Bedford finds the mourning and longing never ends but believes one can have a wonderful, fulfilled life.

“For women like me, special occasions, especially Mother’s Day, can be difficult; particularly, if you had a positive mother-daughter relationship. The missing is hard. It gets better but it never goes away,” Alexander-Bedford said. “You must give yourself moments to grieve; but don’t stay there. Your mother wouldn’t want you to. She would want you to have peace, move on and focus on all the wonderful memories you shared and the positives in your life now.”

For motherless daughters preparing for another Mother’s Day, she offers the following advice based on how she has not only survived but thrived:

Expect and accept. Expect for occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings and births to be hard. You want your mom to be there. Accept it’s okay to cry and miss her. It’s normal. Find ways to honor her in those moments.
Talk to her like she is right there. If you have a favorite photo of your mom, talk to it. Always believe she is watching over you. Tell her how you feel, you miss her and all the wonderful things that you wish she could be a part of.
Start your own tradition. Don’t let the commercials and marketing get to you. Find a way to honor your momon Mother’s Day. What did she like to do? Do it in her honor. Have fun for her. She would want you to.
Talk about her. Talking is therapeutic. Share all of the unforgettable moments you had with her with your siblings, spouse, children, friends or other loved ones. They will be happy to celebrate her with you.
Pray and ask for comfort. Always seek God’s comfort. He can bring you a peace that no one else can. Mother’s Day is just one day. God is with you every day.

Straight from the Heart & Spirit of A Mother is an easy-to-read book of passages offering practical wisdom and insightful advice on timely topics such as faith, love relationships, friendships, societal pressures, marriage and motherhood – all supported by biblical scripture.It is available for $13.99 in paperback at,, and may be ordered at retail bookstores across the country.