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August 03, 2017
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Phil Andrews
Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (LIAACC)

(BPRW) A Tribute To My Mentors, A Life Well Spent Is A Life Well Lived!

A message from Phil Andrews & an invite to attend the 2017 Unlock Your Dreams Conference

(Black PR Wire) - NEW YORK -- Mentors come from a variety of sectors in society. We are only as great as the impact we have on others, and the impact they have upon our lives. Our lives are always impacted by these two sides of these coins! A life well spent can not only be looked at by how we look at ourselves, but it must encompass how others look upon our lives.

During my early years, my father, Frank Andrews told me if you live life with a closed fist, nothing can come into our lives, as the lesson he was trying to relay was to be successful you have to give in order to receive in life.

My Aunt Frances Virginia Young taught me that living a life which embraced the principles of honesty, integrity, commitment, and compassion a person could make a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of others.

James D. Rice* deceased (Former President of 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc.) stated in an article "Wherever our interest are at stake we must be at the table". This statement implies we must be awake, present, and aware in all segments of society to be alerted to threats where are interest are at stake on a daily basis in life.

Ron Busby, Sr. CEO & President of the US Black Chambers, Inc. is setting an extraordinary example for local chapters nationwide to emulate the five pillars which were developed to foster chamber development and business growth in the African American community. The five pillars of the USBC are Advocacy, Access to Capital, Contracting, Entrepreneur Training, and Chamber Development.

Ed Monroe* deceased Tuskegee Airman whispered in my ear that "We all have a little Tuskegee in us" and always was a patient leader who was never condescending, but ever so gently nudging me to be great!

Col. Claude Dixon* deceased always stated "I never found a man that I could not like" and made a conversation around argyle socks.

Silas Jenkins* Tuskegee Airman out of Lansing, Michigan took me to the Interfaith Nutrition Network known as the INN and said I needed to be involved in helping the less fortunate in our community, and as of today I am on my second term as a Board Member at the Inn.

Retired Brigadier George A. Jones* deceased often quoted "Heavy is the Head the wears the crown" as leadership is a tremendous responsibility for those that partake in its splendor must proceed with extreme prudence, guidance, and wisdom. He also stated "As I am, you also will be, come on and follow me." It beholds anyone in a leadership position to respect others that have come before them to set an example of leadership for those that follow their lead if they are to be worthy of following.

At every stage of our lives a mentor can help us to navigate challenges to help us get to the next level in life. Mentoring is the gift that keeps giving! Never forget the bridge that crossed you over!

"Our natural gifts and callings will only take us so far in life, but we we learn to align our callings with others who possess the necessary skills to help advance our life our life in the right direction." Phil Andrews, President Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Make your life a masterpiece! "Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do."

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About Phil Andrews

Phil Andrews has been featured in Black Enterprise as a BE Modern Man as Mr. Economic Empowerement! He has also appeared on WABC Here and Now.

Phil Andrews is the President of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. and Past President of the 100 Black Men of Long Island. Mr. Andrews is also the President of the Black Public Relations Society-New York an affiliate chapter of the National Black Public Relations Society.


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