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April 26, 2022
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Denise Jordan Walker

(BPRW) Bernie Mac is Back: Announcing Upcoming Book from the Legendary Comedian

(Black PR Wire) WHAT: I Don’t Care if You Like Me, I Like Me is a daily motivational in the voice of the late Bernie Mac. It’s a humorous but poignant page-a-day prescription for a better life and career.

We all know that Bernie Mac has been passed on for thirteen years, but here's the thing... He's still making a huge impact on folks, and he's about to make some serious history as the first author of a daily motivational book who's done it from the other side. Bernie’s widow Rhonda R. McCullough teamed up with Walker-Bryce Creative to write a page-a-day self-help book full of Bernie’s own words of wisdom and good old solid advice, all delivered in his unmistakable voice with no sugar-coating, period. He's tellin' it like it T-I-Iz, just like he did in his standup and in his life. With a foreword by Sinbad, an afterword by Lil Rel Howery, and early endorsements from Sherri Shepherd (“It’s the perfect combination of comedy and truth, just like you’d expect from Bernie Mac.”) and Courtney B. Vance (“An undeniably funny and poignant strategy for reaching your fullest potential one day at a time.”) This book's about to make a huge impact on millions of people of all ages. Typical Bernie Mac, giving back on his birthday. On October 5th, Mac would have turned sixty-four.

WHO: Bernie Mac was an actor and comedian with his roots in the Chicago comedy clubs. He’s best known for his role in The Bernie Mac Show and as one of the Kings of Comedy. His legacy lives on in his work and in his words. Rhonda R. McCullough is the overseer of the Bernie Mac estate as well as the president and CEO of the Bernie Mac Foundation. Rhonda is also a film and television producer. Most importantly, she knows everything there is to know about Bernie Mac… and she’s got some stories to tell. Walker-Bryce Creative, LLC: Denise Jordan-Walker is a celebrity publicist, manager, radio personality, voice talent, producer, and writer. Denise was Bernie’s Chicago publicist and is Rhonda’s publicist. Melinda K. Bryce is an accomplished writer with multiple books and screenplays to her credit.

WHY: These are hard times and folks need some uplifting. Bernie was a voice of reason, a father figure, and comic relief for millions. This book is a way to reach readers that may not pick up a traditional motivational book, and it’s going to help them live their best life. It’s self-help, Mac’d out.

WHEN: The book is scheduled for publication on: May 24th, 2022

WHERE: Available now for pre-order at: Barnes and Noble --

Pre-sale deal on Amazon: $24.96 Amazon --


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