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July 04, 2018
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(BPRW) Black PR Wire creates YouTube Channel

-Thrivin’ Online news show premieres in July-

(Black PR Wire) MIAMI, FL -- Black PR Wire has launched their first online streaming video and You Tube Channel.  The channel will be the corporate home of their new video program, Thrivin Online.

Thrivin’ Online is a short, up-close and personal news feature vignette that showcases the work and services of the best and brightest in our communities nationwide,” says Bernadette Morris, CEO of Black PR Wire and executive producer of Thrivin’ Online.  “We have an exciting line up of incredible people who are doing amazing things in our communities nationwide.

The host for Thrivin’ Online is Joseph Ellick, Black PR Wire’s National News Correspondent.  Joe is a gifted writer, a seasoned producer, and a talented digital media marketing professional.  He has the innate ability to infuse greatness in others, his chemistry with his guests – both on and off camera – live up to the show’s motto to “Continue to thrive, thrive for greatness, and thrive with Black PR Wire!”

Guest hosts slated for the show include BPRW’s National Fashion Correspondent – Jolie O’Rouke, who will share the latest fashion and style brands; and Student Correspondent – Jayvion Hunt, who will provide youth-driven programs and services for the future leaders of America.

Throughout the month, Thrivin’ Online will feature interviews of people throughout the U.S. and Caribbean whose stories will help empower and inspire. “From the corporate business executive to the world-renown actor, our up-close and personal interviews will be motivational and inspirational,” says Joseph Ellick, the show’s producer and host. 

To schedule an appearance for an up-close and personal interview with Joe on Thrivin’ Online, contact the, or give us a call at 1-877-BLACKPR.  And be sure to subscribe to Black PR Wire’s YouTube Channel today so you don’t miss an episode of Thrivin’ Online, as well as other inspiring videos and programs from clients of Black PR Wire.  To subscribe, click on the link:

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