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April 05, 2019
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Sherrance Henderson

(BPRW) Disabled Single Mom Seeks Help Fighting Injustice

Request to support via GoFund Me Account

(Black PR Wire)  It is a David v Goliath story of the modern age.  A disabled single mother is taking on two major corporations, in an effort to put right the wrongs they inflicted on her. 

Sherrance Henderson, a former Miss America, and Miss USA beauty pageant contestant is speaking out about the corruption within two businesses, which has seen her loose over two million dollars. Ms. Henderson has named TD Bank, and Golden Corral as the companies, whose action has lead to herself and her children relying on food banks and homeless. 

Were it not for Ms Henderson’s mother, they would be out on the street - a far cry from the two million dollar home they resided in before the ill-fated involvement with the aforementioned companies. What has become a desperate and unjust situation began when Ms Henderson went into business with Golden Corral, by purchasing a license to open a franchise in the Newark, NJ area. 

Immediately after receiving the license money from Ms Henderson, Golden Corral began backtracking, changing the terms of the deal, and stating that Ms Henderson could no longer open in Newark area. She was instead, forced to open her franchise in the less desirable and less profitable area of Poughkeepsie. 

During the following months, Ms Henderson was subjected to sexual harassment and intimidation by a corporate executive at Golden Corral.  As a result, she was left feeling trapped, both in an area, she had not wished to open a business in, and within a company in which she was being sexually and emotionally exploited.  The business subsequently closed after just 51 days, which is little surprise given the circumstances surrounding the opening.   It was following the closure of the business, that Ms Henderson faced TD Bank in court, they forced the sale of Ms Henderson’s home by lying that Golden Corral didn’t have a buyer for the franchise, however, shortly after the judgment forcing the sale, Golden Corral emerged with a buyer.  

It is with great sadness that Ms Henderson seeks assistance to get her day in court.  It is vital that the sexual exploitation, harassment, and mistruths surrounding this case are exposed.  It is only with your help that this will be a possibility, as Ms Henderson has been left destitute by the corruption of the companies involved.  If you would like to help with please visit the go fund me page at https://www.gofundme.com/golden-corral-and-td-bank-bullies.   Ms Henderson thanks all those who are supporting her fight.