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June 09, 2018
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(BPRW) Emerge's Leadership Acceleration Program

A one-year high-touch program to transform managers into highly-effective leaders

(Black PR Wire)  BOSTON, MA -- At the Emerge Leadership Group, have partnered with such global organizations as Kohler, Mercedes-Benz, Lockheed Martin, Dell, Tennant Company, Olympus, McDonalds, TJX and many others to help accelerate and increase the effectiveness of new leaders, existing first-line leaders, leaders of leaders and those preparing to move into enterprise leadership.

Emerge is offering a one year high-touch program to transform manager into high-effective leaders.  The program includes the following steps:

Step 1: Awareness of Changing Leadership Expectations:

QuickStartTM (new managers within 30-days after promotion) - A program specifically designed for newly promoted first-line supervisors and managers (leaders of others) with key topics that include discussions on the changing organizational expectations from “Leading Self” to “Leading Others.” Other topics include valuing contribution and impact and not just performance, understanding transition obstacles, and fully grasping the need to shift one’s approach to their work.

Step 2: Changing Leadership Approach to Meet New Expectations

The Leadership Transition (All First-Line Leaders) - A leadership transformational workshop that enables participants to make the psychological shift from a Leading-Self mindset to the Leading-Others mindset. The process includes feedback, Key Leadership Accountabilities, Transition Action Planning, and on-going leadership transition activities.

Step 3: Driving Leadership Execution/Building Leadership Capability

Core Leadership Skills (All First-Line Leaders) - Targeted, skill-based, leadership development modules (e.g., coaching, delegation, providing feedback, etc.) designed to sustain and enhance new leader development over time. Each course offers tangible and easy to implement skills that will impact the strength of the manager and the productivity of the team. Available in both eLearning and live formats.

Step 4: Tracking Results/Behavior Change/Effectiveness - Leadership Effectiveness Assessment Data.

"The Emerge Leadership Transition Process has been named one of the two most impactful leadership development initiatives that Rogers has undertaken over the last three years." (CEO, Guy Laurence, Rogers Communications, following a survey of over 10,000 employees)

"We hit a home run when we partnered with the Emerge Leadership Group to facilitate the transition of our future leaders. The workshops they provide, coupled with their transition tracking process, provide the tools we need to benchmark and measure the contribution that our leaders will make to our company over time." (Roger Evans, Leadership Development Program Manager, Lockheed Martin)

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