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January 04, 2017
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(BPRW) “First Lady Farewell: Candid, Authentic, & Unapologetic”

(Black PR Wire) With delicate sophistication and softness, Michelle Obama graced us with her candid conversation during her greatly anticipated interview with Oprah Winfrey on December 19th. The First Lady reflected on some of her greatest memories and achievements during her time in the White House along with some things she wished she had more time to tackle. She held her head high for 8 years along her husband’s side as he stepped into one of the most difficult and scrutinized political positions. Her quiet and reserved demeanor was often referred to as “arrogance” and like many women of color, she was often called an “angry black woman.” But somehow, despite the harsh criticisms and slander, Michelle handled each issue with poise. She challenged Americans to stop using the color of someone’s skin or the size of their bank account to pass inaccurate judgments on who they are at the core. Echoing the sentiments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she hopes that Americans will learn to “judge people not by the color of their skin, but rather by the contact of their character”.

During a time when racial tensions are at an all time high in the United States, along with the recent defeat of Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency, Michelle could have taken a completely different approach to this interview. But like she said in her renowned Democratic National Convention Speech earlier this year, “when they go low, we go high,” and that is exactly what she did. Focusing on the high points during President Obama’s eight year term. As a loving mother, influential wife, outspoken feminist, social activist, public speaker and fashion icon, it’s no surprise that this first lady will be dearly missed. Her multi-faceted personality and innate ability to create programs that promote important issues will never go unnoticed. Her silent dignity demanded reverence as she worked quietly and confidently to refinethe course of American History.

President Obama chimed in and described his wife as, “brilliant and cute and strong and a great mom," he said, "but I think the way in which she blended purpose and policy with fun so that she was able to reach beyond Washington...was masterful.” I think we can all agree with Mr. Obama that this beautiful bombshell left her mark on the White House through many ways but one of the most memorable may have been when she lifted the 40yr. ban that allowed guests to take photos while on tour in the White House.

As soft chants can be heard from people urging the First Lady to eventually run for presidency, she strongly denied all claims and rumors. Michelle has enjoyed her spotlight taking America by storm with her two beautiful daughters under her arms, but she said enough is enough. During the interview she briefly hinted at the strain of the presidency on her family. When asked why she would not run for president she simply said, “sixteen years?...I would not do that to my kids.” Mrs. Obama does however plan to continue to the programs she initiated and speak up about important causes she tackled while in the White House like her initiatives on children’s health. She hopes to do so without the spotlight and cameras from the White House but rather with her platform and voice.As Michelle Obama steps out of the Presidential spotlight she will do so with dignity and pride. With an undergraduate education from Princeton University and a law degree from Harvard University, it’s no surprise that this First Lady was more than qualified for her role, which can be attributed to her success. In such a small amount of time she has made such a huge impact on this country. It is no feat that she will be leaving some large heels to fill. (pun intended) But all jokes aside, we are forever inspired by Michelle Obama’s wisdom and intelligence, she is a true exemplar of black excellence for people worldwide.