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November 06, 2017
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Anderson Committee
Henry Anderson


(Black PR Wire) -- Atlanta, GA - As a final outreach to Atlanta voters, Henry Anderson, a homeless man and former teacher in Atlanta, Georgia is asking fellow residents to vote for him a Write in Candidate for President of Atlanta City Council.  The election is Tuesday November 7, 2017.

Mr. Anderson says, he is running for office out of obedience to God. Henry Anderson is an Author, Community Activist, Christian Minister, Songwriter, Entrepreneur and Retired Teacher. He runs his campaign on several issues plaguing the Atlanta community, however primarily his platform is centered around his Wilderness Project. An initiative that promotes the transformation of homelessness to homeownership for functioning individuals and families.

In 2015, Henry Anderson presented the current Mayor Kasim Reed with a prophetic letter urging him that "God said to fix the homeless problem in Atlanta." Anderson asserts that though much has been done in the city, the problem is not fixed. The homeless population in the city of Atlanta statistically one of the largest in the United States of America.

As a solution, Mr. Anderson believes that in order to solve this growing injustice "you must solve the problems that lead to homelessness." As long as those problems go unresolved you threaten the progress of the city." As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Anderson has been homeless and living in a shelter in downtown Atlanta since the beginning of the year. He believes that living there and having a firsthand experience living in what he calls "the wilderness"helped him develop a compassion and understanding for what people really go through. He says, "Tere has to be Love. This problem must be solved from the inside out."

For more information on Henry Anderson's 2017 campaign for President of Atlanta City Council, or The Wilderness Project, go to or log on to his Facebook page

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