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July 18, 2019
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(BPRW) Kid Entrepreneur Daila Beasley's “SunniDai” Kids Fashion Show Took Over Miami Fashion Week

Sunni Dai’s Kids Fashion Week Miami is a bi-annual showcase introducing kids fashion brands huge success: By Josh Saunders of Highly Unique SoFlo

(Black PR Wire) Miami FL- This past weekend of July marked the 5th edition of the Sunny Dai Fashion Show. This show was one of the many fashion shows taking place in Miami this past week for Miami Fashion Week. However, what makes it different is the Sunny Dai Fashion Show hosts child swimwear models. Giving inspiration to a young generation of future models while at the same time establishing a platform for the next group of entrepreneurs.  

Sunni Dai’s Kids Fashion Week Miami is a runway showcase, held twice a year that introduces kids fashion brands and stylist such as Toobydoo, Bella McGrath, Beachboom, Mandy by Gemma, Different is the New Cool, Ashley Rose and the intermission which styled segment multiple brands all for toddlers to teens. 

"The growth has come a long way.  We started out in a heart gallery with 25 models.  Now we’ve grown to getting hundreds of submissions.  The program has traveled to three cities.  We’re thankful for the support." Said owner of the Sunni Dai Fashion Show, Latisha Roach.

The show was inspired by her daughter Sunni Dai who's actually known as Daila Beasley, daughter of former NBA Star Michael Beasley. At six-years-old, Daila started and hosted her own pop-up fashion show. Showcasing her creative mind at an early age.

It is the only fashion showcase at Miami Swim Week made by kids for kids. Latisha and Daila are able to provide awards and recognition to individuals through the FRESH foundation.

The vision for the fashion show is a program which is more inclusive and accepting of all youth. "We always take kids with different disabilities.  We want to have children with different ethnicities of the world.  Our focus is to make sure we also put kids with ethnicities on the runway.  We’re proud that our show is going to do all of those things."

Anyone that would like their child to participate in the next show, contact or visit


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The F.R.E.S.H foundation mission is to provide fashion, reality, entertainment, sports and health experiences to those in need. The foundation strives to ensure no child or adult will be left behind while fulfilling their dreams on the F.R.E.S.H path.


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