For Immediate Release
May 31, 2018
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National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters
1201 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036


(Black PR Wire) WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In March, the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, Inc. (NABOB) announced the creation and launch of our “Use Your Power” campaign. The campaign is directed at the listeners of NABOB member and African American targeted radio stations. Phase One of the campaign was designed to educate our audiences about the $1.2 trillion dollar consumer buying power of African Americans and to encourage them to use that power wisely. At that time, we explained that the campaign will have two goals. First, to encourage our audiences to patronize establishments that support our stations. Second, to encourage our audiences to vote in every election in which they are eligible to vote.

NABOB is now pleased to announce that we are launching Phase Two of the “Use Your Power” campaign.

In Phase Two, we have developed a series of 30-second public service announcements showcasing African American political power, and we are encouraging our stations to air these important messages both over the air and through their digital platforms.  Stations may access Phase Two of the campaign by going to a special ftp site. Phase Two amplifies the enormous voting power of African Americans. Listeners will be directed to NABOB's website for more information

“As business owners, we recognize that educating our consumers is as important as educating our electorate. It is important that our audiences understand that there is a direct link between economic strength within our communities and political strength. The “Use Your Power” campaign will educate our audiences about that link, and then we will urge them to GET OUT AND VOTE!”  - Jim Winston, NABOB President

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