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August 17, 2022
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(BPRW) National Black Business Month Feature - Angela McCoy
(Black PR Wire) In celebration of National Black Business Month, Black PR Wire is recognizing key Black business leaders, community influencers and movers and shakers who make it happen in our communities. Today's feature honors Angela McCoy, CEO\President of Full Circle Consulting Group, LLC!
“Expect Angela and her team to serve you with passion, knowledge and transparency”
Angela McCoy is an entrepreneur, publicist, marketer, and a successful businesswoman who has achieved many successes in business and personal life. She works together with solopreneurs, CEOs, and executives to grow their professional and personal brands.

She has worked for new start-ups that have afforded Angela the knowledge of what drives sold-out launches and sale conversions. But what makes Angela successful isn't the mastery of marketing flavors, but how well she can make a connection with the general public.

Angela delivers cutting-edge marketing strategies and innovative campaigns that increase demand, accelerate growth and maximize the budgets for emerging media. 

Through her in-depth knowledge and insight into marketing, she has distinguished herself in the business industry. Persistence and dedication have helped Angela achieve every milestone she has set before herself. 

Angela along with her team at Full Circle Consulting Group, LLC. offers inside knowledge, understanding, and overview of business and marketing tactics to other major companies and corporations. Her team of professionals is highly skilled in Business Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Event Planning. 

Due to her extensive practical knowledge and experience in the consumer-driven market, she is considered a guru within the business and entertainment community. With all that going, Angela doesn’t fail to keep herself associated with the world of sports, hospitality, fitness, fashion, and entertainment.

For more information , contact Full Circle Consulting Group, LLC via email at, or by calling 818.836.4814. Be sure to visit our website at