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July 31, 2018
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(BPRW) New book provides insight on how to unlock the career of your dreams

‘Hacking your Career’ by Melerick Mitchell on Amazon Books this Fall

(Black PR Wire) DALLAS, TX -- Melerick Mitchell, the well-renowned and sought after corporate speaker and coach, and CEO of Drive Influence, has penned a book that serves to help readers build a personal career path aligned with their unique passions and purpose in life.   

The book, entitled Hacking your Career, will be available on Amazon Books later this Fall. Within the pages of this easy read, anyone will be able to create their own personalized strategies to help them achieve their greatest work/life balance. It  offers his easy step by step rules to analyze and overcome any hindrance that stands in the way to achieving the fulfilling careers that we seek.

“The career ladder model we have been taught over the years has not only changed but is now obsolete,” says Melerick Mitchell. “The truth is that most companies are more interested in developing employees to perform tasks versus developing the kinds of staff that think outside of the mundane box. And it’s the creative thinkers who not only master their job assignments quickest but increase their company’s worth and revolutionize their own careers in the process.”  

As a corporate trainer and talent development architect, Melerick is uniquely qualified to boil down the concepts used at the highest levels in the corporate world and make them applicable to any person in the room. He offers a unique blend of executive coach experience and global team building.

Based on years of study, in-depth interviews, and multiple tracks observations Hacking your Career was developed with the premise and purpose to share in the power and the obligation to love what we do and do what we love. There is an equation to career success and Hacking your Career unlocks the formula the reader and provides practical insight and strategy to fast-track a beautiful balance between life and work.

A video clip/speaking trailer of Melerick Mitchell is available at Speaking trailer.mp4.  For more information about the work of Melerick Mitchell, or to schedule a media interview/podcast to discuss his new book, call (206) 390-8717, or via email at For more information about the author, visit his website at

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