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June 03, 2024
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(BPRW) NFL announces league-wide expansion of procurement initiative with NFL Source

(Black PR Wire) The NFL announced at the Spring League Meeting the rollout of NFL Source, an evolution of the league's supplier diversity commitment which seeks to standardize how the NFL and its partners support working with underrepresented businesses locally and nationally, year-round.

NFL Source will expand the league’s day-to-day procurement efforts and is designed to increase access, identify potential qualified partners, and drive economic impact across the league and clubs. This will create equitable processes to ensure underrepresented businesses have increased exposure and the ability to compete for and win viable league and club contracts.  

The league will look to increase partnerships with certified and underrepresented businesses that are 51% owned and operated or led by a veteran, woman, minority, person with disabilities or are LGBTQ+. 

 “NFL Source provides the league with an opportunity to reinvest funds back into the communities that our clubs and offices reside in and gain exposure to an increased number of businesses,” said Jonathan Beane, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at the NFL. “Doing business with the NFL can provide unparalleled exposure for businesses and boost local economic mobility.”  

For more than 10 years, the NFL has made a concerted effort to focus on inclusive event-based suppliers, working with Super Bowl host committees through programs such as Emerging Business and Business Connect, which focused on subcontracting spend opportunities for tentpole events.   

The program supports businesses serving as a pathway to visibility and access to NFL procurement groups. This is done by providing NFL procurement stakeholders at the front office and club levels with the tools, processes, and guidance on how to run equitable procurement programs. The announcement marks the start of a multi-phase rollout that includes:  

  • Training sessions and adoption by all procurement leads at the league, beginning in June 2024. For all clubs, there will be a two-part training in partnership with – an enrichment partner with the NFL that offers data and tools to monitor, track, and support supplier diversity program performance. These virtual and in-person supplier-diversity education sessions with NFL staff will help educate NFL procurement stakeholders on the impact of supplier diversity on the business and communities.
  • Distribution in September 2024 of a supplier diversity playbook for clubs who opt-in to the program, that includes best practices, RFP process recommendations, and a list of partners to consider.
  • Mandatory adoption of the program for NFL tentpole events by the host club and host/local organizing committees, in addition to networking and matchmaking events in their market, and more.   

To drive economic impact as a league-wide unit, there will be procurement standards and procedures that include business eligibility criteria, strategic best practices for setting up a local program, and more. Several clubs participated in an NFL Source local market test ahead of the official rollout, including the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions.   

“The adoption of expanding the NFL’s supplier diversity program aligns with our vision to continue to uplift and provide opportunities to local and diverse businesses,” said Arthur M. Blank, Atlanta Falcons Owner and Chairman. “The Falcons have and will continue to work diligently, alongside the league, as we all work toward the official launch of NFL Source.” 

Additionally, the NFL will partner with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc to help local businesses across the country obtain the certifications necessary to do business with the league.  

"Supplier diversity is about recognizing the value of local supply chains and small businesses, which are the backbone of the American economy," said Talisha Bekavac, Executive Vice President of the United States Black Chambers, Inc. (USBC). "USBC remains energized to partner with entities like the NFL to continue creating wealth and economic mobility in Black communities through entrepreneurship." 

To learn more about the program and to join the NFL’s directory, please visit at Companies will join a pool of qualified businesses for year-round and subcontract consideration, including for upcoming tentpole events such as the 2025 Super Bowl. 

Source: NFL