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August 05, 2020
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(BPRW) Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment Podcast With Actress Bree Klauser

Join us for a free FACEBOOK Live interview August 5 12:30pm(ET)

(Black PR Wire) -- The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) announced today the official relaunch of its 2017 podcast, Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment. 

This episode will feature actress Bree Klauser whose scripted audible original series, “Phreaks” co-starring Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), and Carrie Coon (The Avengers) was released today on Audible.  

Bree Klauser is a NYC actress, singer, voice talent and comedian born low-vision/legally blind. She currently has two dynamic back-to-back projects under her belt, including Apple+’s “See,” alongside Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard.

“It is wonderful to see that Bree, who is legally blind, was cast in the role about a blind teen. Too often in Hollywood, acting roles were given to actors who did not represent that character, such as whites playing people of color using black-face or simply implying that they were of a different race such as the 1970’s series Kung Fu,” said Yvonne McCormack-Lyons, WIFF Founder and host of Reel Moments.

The Podcast interview, will be broadcast live on the WIFF FaceBook Page. “We are excited to feature actor Bree Klauser. The Festival and the podcast have always been about equity and authentic inclusion for women in film and entertainment," said McCormack-Lyons. "Bree’s tenacity to work in an unforgiving industry is nothing but badAss.”

We invite everyone to grab their lunch and watch the podcast on Wednesday.

About Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment 

Since the pandemic, several episodes have been recorded along with this Episode 012: Reel Moments with Bree Krauser.

The Podcast was launched as a way to continue celebrating and promoting projects made by women while simultaneously asking those same women to give back to the community by providing insight to the audience of lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Reel Moments can be found on I-tunes, Google PlayI-Heart Radio, Spotify and Stitcher. Submit any requests to or media representatives may contact

Look for the The BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment Awards coming soon.