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February 15, 2018
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(BPRW) Rep. Cynthia Stafford Honored by Trayvon Martin Foundation

(Black PR Wire) The Trayvon Martin Foundation recently honored State Representative Cynthia Stafford (D-Miami), with the 2018 Champion for Justice and Peace Award. Rep. Stafford received the award along with Tom Joyner (Host, Tom Joyner Morning Show), Marc H. Morial (President/CEO, National Urban League) and Captain Barrington Irving (Pilot)

Representative Stafford was recognized for her ongoing support and commitment to the community and for her advocacy on behalf of peace and justice for all of Florida’s working families. During the award ceremony, Rep. Stafford was introduced by her father, Columbus Stafford, Jr., who shared moments about her life.

“I am both humbled and honored to be recognized by the Trayvon Martin Foundation and I promise to continue doing everything I can to ensure Florida is a state that provides everyone with a fair chance at justice, peace, and equality,” stated Representative Cynthia Stafford. “Now more than ever, we need strong advocates, commonsense reforms, and increased awareness to help end the senseless violence in neighborhoods throughout our state.”

The Trayvon Martin Foundation is a social justice organization committed to ending senseless gun violence, strengthening families through holistic support, S.T.E.M. education for women and minorities and mentoring. Through community engagement activities, the foundation aims to empower local youth, community leaders, and celebrities to engage in honest and informative discussions and help youth to overcome violence in Florida’s neighborhoods and raise public awareness of profiling.