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March 17, 2021
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(BPRW) Presents “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf” Choreo Play Workshop and Dialogue Live on Clubhouse

Special Guests Alfre Woodard, CCH Pounder, Vanessa Williams, Carol Maillard, Aja Monet and More

(Black PR Wire) Los Angeles, Ca. -- In honor of Women’s Herstory Month, presents Ntozake Shange’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf,” live on Clubhouse, Saturday, March 20th, 3 pm PST. The workshop is free and open to the public in the Sankofa Club on the Clubhouse app, with limited capacity. 

Artivist, actress, director, and producer Gina Belafonte will direct the workshop that features 17 women performing the iconic words of Shange. Belafonte, who is also executive director of, has divided the piece into three sections giving space to discussion for the audience to ask questions of the celebrity panel and community participants.

“This is far more than a production,” said Belafonte. “We will have conversations, bringing forward the brilliant words of Shange and different perspectives from some of the women who were in the original film with the original director. Also joining in the discussion are thought leaders and mental health specialists. 

“I reached out to Alfre Woodard, CCH Pounder, and Vanessa Williams and asked if they’d be interested in supporting me in doing an audio play workshop production of “For Colored Girls” on Clubhouse," said Belafonte. “I’m honored to have each of these women in addition to the original Director Oz Scott, as part of our workshop discussion with the audience. The cast is a group of talented women who all share their unique, beautiful, honest skill.”

Belafonte said she is excited to have moderators and a production team that all add to a high-quality production. Belafonte, who played Zazu in the Lion King production on Clubhouse, said she will use several tools and PTR (pull to refresh) techniques that will contribute to an array of visual esthetics.  

“Our aim is to give a voice to the voiceless, to elevate the issues that are addressed in the play such as love, sexuality, misogyny, rape, dance, movement and joy and create a safe space for the community to come together and dialogue and engage healing,” said Belafonte. “We also want the community to come forward and be accountable without shame.”

Belafonte received so much interest for the production that she held three separate auditions and heard from hundreds of women who read for one of the seven ladies in the poem. 

“Auditioning for the production was a healing process in itself,” said Sarita Scott, one of the auditioners. “Belafonte’s warm spirit and listening to Ntozake Shange’s forward poem, which takes on issues most women can relate to, through the voices of other women, was almost like a community conversation, and was healing for the soul.”

Belafonte hopes to create forward-thinking on how to be more peaceful and more humble through the voices of Black women. “It’s important that it’s Black women who are speaking in this moment,” said Belafonte. 

“Working on this production has been such a gift. I’m so thankful to all the women who have stepped up to support this workshop.”

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