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January 05, 2018
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(BPRW) The Health Gap Launches New “Culture of Health” Campaign to Raise Awareness, Drive Engagement around Mission to Eliminate Health Disparities

Multi-media awareness campaign focuses on the Health Gap’s ongoing commitment to make Cincinnati a healthy place to live, work and play

(Black PR Wire) CINCINNATI – The Center for Closing the Health Gap (Health Gap), a leading grassroots organization working to build a culture of health in Cincinnati, unveils its new “Culture of Health” awareness campaign. The multi-media campaign – including TV, print, radio, billboards and social media – is designed to raise awareness about the crippling effect of health disparities on Cincinnati‘s most vulnerable populations. It also highlights the Health Gap’s efforts to empower residents to take control of their own health through initiatives focused on healthy eating, exercise, and improving access to quality care and fresh foods.

“The Health Gap has been educating and empowering the people of Cincinnati for more than 14 years, but the issue of health disparities is complex and we’re always looking for ways to tell the story,” said Dwight Tillery, president and CEO of the Health Gap. “So many factors affect the health of an individual –your race, where you live, where you work, how you get around, and your social network. Our most vulnerable populations don’t have the same access to fresh food and health care, and they get sicker and die earlier because of it. This campaign will show every person, every neighborhood that they matter and that we’re here to help.”

Messaging woven throughout the ad campaign demonstrates the Health Gap’s mission to help people live a full life, and showcases the variety of grassroots initiatives that let people control their own health by showing them how to eat better, exercise more, monitor their health, and help their neighbors do the same. TV and billboard ads feature compelling statics that address the health gap between those who have access to quality healthcare and those that do not. Copy includes: Did you know your zip code determines how long you will live; Live within 1 mile of this sign? You’ll die sooner than everyone else; and If blacks and whites had the same mortality rate, nearly 100,000 few blacks would die each year in the U.S.  In the television and radio ads, Health Gap advocates – including Dr. Robyn Chatman, Bishop Bobby Hilton and Dinsmore & Shohl partner Mark Vander Laan – are featured explaining the importance of the organization to the community.

“Every year, the Health Gap is helping citizens of Cincinnati to live better” said Bishop Bobby Hilton, pastor of Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World, Inc. “This campaign shows the breadth and depth of what we have to offer, the means and resources to live a healthier and more productive life, to make our citya better, stronger community.”

The Health Gap New Ad Campaign/Add One

The campaign will run from January 1 through mid-February and will appear in local media outlets and billboards throughout Cincinnati.  The social media campaign will complement the broadcast and print ads, and include story posts/content and compelling graphics, videos and banners highlighting the Health Gap’s activities. The campaign was developed by Cincinnati-based agency ColorNine.


About the Center for Closing the Health Gap

The Center for Closing the Health Gap is a non-profit organization, founded in 2004, committed to raising awareness about and eliminating racial and health disparities across Greater Cincinnati. Through advocacy, education, and community outreach, we work collaboratively with hospitals, government, associations and businesses to address prevalent health disparities and social determinants. We focus on disease prevention, promoting healthier eating and enhancing quality of life to make our neighborhoods and our people stronger through our many programs and initiatives, including: Community Engagement Academy Do Right!® Healthy Eating Do Right!® Healthy Corner Store initiatives Health Leadership Institute Annual Health Expo & free health screenings …and more!  For more information on the Health Gap, visit http://closingthehealthgap.org.