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December 19, 2016
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Phil Andrews
President, Black Public Relations Society - New York, and
Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (LIAACC)

Communication is Power

Study shows need to diversify PR Industry

(BPRW) Effective Communication is one of the most critical skills that one could ever develop, and has led to the development of a multi-billion dollar industry.  Today on a national level we can see how ineffective communication can be the downfall of leaders in a variety of entities such as government and private sector. Some of the greatest people on the planet have developed keen insight and listening skills to help them develop the capability to use communication in a manner which enhances all aspects of their lives.
Public Relations and Excellent Communication requires knowledge of certain skills, intuition, and artistry.
Practical knowledge combined with study and experience has the ability to take our mindset and skill set in the fine area public relations and communication to a higher level along with our observation of the market’s sentiment of what we are trying to communicate to society in our use of public relations and communication.
It is our goal at the Black Public Relations Society-New York (BPRS-NY) that we help to raise the bar as Image Makers and Strategist and usher in a new generation of Public Relations Professionals upon the local, regional, national, and global scene needed to communicate the unique messages that our time requires to be not just good communicators, but ascend to the status a cut above the rest!  We would also like to see more existing practitioners access the C-Suite through diversity initiatives, as we are well aware that when corporations, institutions, and government entities not only speak of diversity but live it through their mission, values, and goals, the C-Suite moves beyond a dream to reality.

The National Black Public Relations Society, Inc. State of PR Industry Defining & Delivering on the Promise of Diversity White Paper Study Designed and Conducted by the National Black Public Relations Society, Inc. written by Dr. Rochelle Ford, APR, and Cedric Brown S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication/Syracuse University.
Key Findings - State of PR Industry Defining & Delivering on the Promise of Diversity White Paper Study.
• Progress has been made by U.S. PR practitioners from the black diaspora; however, the challenge remains in how the industry sustains the progress particularly at the mid- and senior-levels of the profession while breaking down the door of the executive suite.

• Professionals desire PR career sustainability and career growth; professionals surveyed desire to stay in the industry and report looking to industry organizations to provide support for them to stay and grow in the profession.

• Networking is critical to the success of black professionals, leading to career advancement and new business development for entrepreneurs; obtaining senior and executive-level positions is desired among most practitioners, and those who operate consulting firms and agencies desire to grow their public relations businesses.

• Professional development workshops are desired to help black professionals remain competitive and able to deliver value. Participants desire training in social media; new technologies; convergence of marketing, advertising and PR; and sustainable business and entrepreneurship. Despite many organizations offering such training, are these opportunities accessible and cost-effective for entrepreneurs and entry-level or mid-career professionals whose companies don’t provide professional development funding?
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