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June 27, 2024
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Crystal Williams
Digital Promise

(BPRW) Digital Promise Releases New Report for Supporting Black Learners and Workers in Tech

The report shares firsthand experiences from Black learners and workers in technology to foster inclusive and successful career pathways

(Black PR Wire) Washington, D.C. - Global education nonprofit, Digital Promise has released a new report, Lift Every Voice in Tech: Co-Designed Recommendations to Support Black Workers and Learners Seeking to Enter and Advance in Technology Industry Career Pathways, which examines the factors, skills, and supports most likely to sustain motivation and persistence for Black learners and workers pursuing non-four-year-degree credentials in technology careers and increase representation across the technology industry.

This report focuses on elevating the voices and lived experiences of Black workers and learners seeking to enter and/or advance in the technology industry, and builds awareness of the varied challenges, barriers, support, and services that can be part of this journey.  To better promote successful navigation and persistence within technology career pathways, the report shares recommendations that were collaboratively designed and developed through interviews, focus groups, and inclusive design sessions with Black workers, learners, and industry leaders across the country.

“Demand for skilled and knowledgeable labor in the constantly evolving field of technology continues to grow. To meet these demands, new pathways, outside of those offered by four-year or degree-bearing institutions, are also on the rise,” said Jhacole LeGrand Dunn, senior director of pathways research and design at Digital Promise. “What remains consistent in this market is a need for equity and diversity in access and representation in these opportunities. Black voices are critical to successful and sustainable growth in the field of technology. Ensuring access and representation for us all will ultimately benefit future growth and advancement for the field as a whole.”

Alongside the report, Digital Promise has released a video, Lift Every Voice in Tech: Inspiring Change Through the Experiences of Black Learners and Workers, showcasing the successes and challenges faced by two Black learners and workers based in Detroit, Michigan, in their pursuit of technology careers—in their own words. By recognizing and addressing the needs of Black learners and workers, partners such as training providers, employers and hiring managers, funders, and educational institutions can strengthen equitable and sustainable pathways in technology.

This report follows Digital Promise’s landscape report, Understanding the Supports and Skills that Enable Successful Pathways for Black Learners and Workers into Non-Four-Year Degree Technology Careers: A Landscape Scan, which provides historical perspectives on the Black experience in the U.S. technology industry.

By centering and elevating the experiences of these learners and workers in this research, Digital Promise aims to positively impact the recruitment and retention of Black representation and access to technology-driven fields and increase the number of Black learners and workers who succeed in life-sustaining careers in technology.