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February 18, 2024
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(BPRW) Entrepreneur Roslyn Ellerbee Makes History as First African American Female on CLDA Board of Directors

Breaking Historical Barriers

(Black PR Wire) Roslyn Ellerbee, a dynamic entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia, has achieved a groundbreaking feat as the first African American female elected to the Board of Directors of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA). Known for her successful ventures, including Express Errands & Courier, Dream Team Digital Marketing, and Manifesting Greatness with Roslyn V. - 360 Business Coaching, Ms. Ellerbee brings a wealth of experience and innovation to her new role.

Ms. Ellerbee's journey is a testament to her dedication to excellence and her passion for inspiring others. "I am humbled by this opportunity to serve on the CLDA Board. It's not just about breaking barriers; it's about creating a legacy of empowerment and success for those who follow," she shared.

A respected business coach and long time entrepreneur, Ms. Ellerbee has consistently championed the entrepreneurial spirit. As a board member, she aims to contribute to the CLDA's mission of advancing the logistics industry through diversity and forward-thinking initiatives.

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About Roslyn Ellerbee

Roslyn Ellerbee is a prominent entrepreneur and business coach based in Atlanta, Georgia. With a diverse portfolio of successful enterprises, she has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring business leaders. Her historic appointment to the CLDA Board of Directors further solidifies her commitment to breaking barriers and fostering positive change.

About CLDA

The Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) is a leading force in the logistics industry, dedicated to innovation and collaboration. Ms. Ellerbee's inclusion in the board exemplifies the CLDA's dedication to embracing diversity and driving positive transformation.

Express Errands & Courier

Dream Team Digital Marketing

Manifesting Greatness With Roslyn V - 360 Business Coaching