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January 04, 2022
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Jackson Agency

(BPRW) Jackson Agency and founder of ‘Voices of Color’ unite to create Talent Agency representation for voice artists of color


(Black PR Wire) Century City, CA -- The Jackson Agency is announcing the launch of their Voice Over Division which is currently overseen by Jasmine Greene. Currently, the new division is home to a roster of over 100 BIPOC Voice Artists. TJA and Greene aim to bring more opportunities to artists of color, who are still being overlooked, despite a nationwide diversity mandate where studios and networks have partnered with big names, overlooking smaller Black-owned Agencies that are also filled with talent.

For newly minted Agent, Jasmine Greene her own personal journey led to these discoveries, “ While trying to find my stride in the industry, I dove into an education binge, where I took lots of classes across genres of VO to expand my skillset. During this binge, I noticed the lack of diversity not only in ethnicities but in attendance variety as well. A lot of the same students were in the same classes. There was also a lack of diversity in educators and no community of voice actors of color, and not to forget the battle of authentically casting with POC in the industry and having the means to be properly educated. So, came the founding of Voices of Color; a group consisting of PGM/POC Voice actors offering community and support. VOC has evolved into a resource and education hub while promoting POC voice actors, coaches, projects, and more. With my now new position as VO Agent at Jackson Agency, I am hoping to help make diversity the norm by helping those underrepresented groups get exposure and access to the industry. 

Jackson, who recently made news herself with her historic board election says, “We are far from done with our mission to fight for diversity in entertainment. Diverse voices are often fresh faces that are being overlooked due to a lack of understanding of the ripple effects of systemic racism. You cannot just open the doors today and expect to find qualified talent, whether it be actors, writers, producers, designers, or directors when you’ve had your boot on their necks for the last 100 years making sure they never had an opportunity for advancement. If you approach from that standpoint, it’s no wonder you claim you can’t find any qualified candidates. You can’t find any because you made sure to never create any. You have to understand that by hiring new faces, giving them opportunities to grow, and by mentoring them, that only then will you have the talent at the level you seek. Maybe then the system will finally have equity, but as it stands right now, we have a long way to go, and it is beyond me why Black-owned talent agencies are not a part of this change, you marginalized us as well, we need support and 2% allocations fiscally as well.”