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October 15, 2019
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Agent-CEO Tiauna Jackson opens doors to Black writers through new Writers Guild of America – West Franchise allowing for Black Hollywood to have a Black Agent

(Black PR Wire) The Jackson Agency today announced a new partnership with the Writers Guild of America – West. The Jackson Agency has been the home for underrepresented artists of color since its founding in 2014. Now as a WGA Signatory, this partnership will create more opportunities for writers of color, allowing for historically underrepresented writers to have Agency representation.

Even amidst the diversity push by the industry, many people of color have lamented the slow transition and challenged industry norms on social media via the widely used #showusyourroom hash tag.

"This is historic. To the best of my knowledge, The Jackson Agency is the first African-American owned agency to become a WGA-West Signatory," Jaia Thomas, Esq., Sports & Entertainment and IP Attorney; Founder of Diverse Representation.

Brandon Miree, Writer & Producer states, "Bringing about a diverse change in Hollywood will take bold and fearless people like Tiauna who's working behind the scenes and willing to have those uncomfortable conversations."

I’m excited to play a part in bringing these deliberately ignored artists to the mainstream. Championing Diversity has been the heart and soul of this agency,” Tiauna Jackson, founder of Jackson Agency. 

 “As a female writer of color, the barrier to entry into Hollywood can feel much higher than for others but having representation like Tiauna increases the odds of getting in front of the right people to allow my work to speak for itself,” says Danielle Motley, Screenwriter.

 “This agency is legit and honest in an industry that needs it. People of color need an agency founded by a person of color that understands their needs and how to navigate the industry,” Jeffery Thompson, Jr., Filmmaker/CEO of Epoch Media.

 “TJA is on the forefront of introducing the world to the works of writers of color,” M. LaVora Perry, Author, “TANEESHA NEVER DISPARAGING.”

 The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Writers of color will have an opportunity to submit their materials for consideration.
  • Showrunners and Producers now have the ability to find writers of color for their staffing needs.
  • All artists of color have a highly visible champion of diversity in their corner.
  • Making history, Tiauna is currently the only known Black Literary Agent who owns a boutique agency.

About Jackson Agency: Founded in 2014 after seeing a need for underrepresented artists to be given a voice through proper representation. The Jackson Agency exists for those who have been denied opportunities based on an aversion to diversity. The Jackson Agency works tirelessly to combat that by focusing on representing artists of color.

About Tiauna Jackson: CEO and Agent, Tiauna was profiled by the New York Times along side ICM agents Lorrie Barlett and Andrea Nelson-Meigs. As the only boutique agent profiled, Jackson spoke truth to what it is like for lesser-known actors in Entertainment.

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