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December 31, 2020
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(BPRW) January is Get Organized Month

(Black PR Wire) Did you know that there is a whole month dedicated to getting organized? January is recognized as Get Organized Month.


Studies have shown that individuals waste around an hour or so each day, searching for things they’ve misplaced. This means that a lot of us waste around 15 days each year due to disorganization.


So, it is clearly important to get organized, as time may be the one commodity that none of us can recover.  In observance of Get Organized Month, here are a few tips from on how to organize your life for a successful year:


  1. Write things down (i.e., grocery lists, important dates, etc.).
  2. Make deadlines and set goals.
  3. Avoid procrastination.
  4. Store and label items properly.
  5. Declutter regularly.
  6. Keep only what you need.
  7. Know where to discard items (i.e., donate to thrift stores, sell on e-Bay, etc.).
  8. Stay away from bargains.
  9. Delegate responsibilities.
  10. Put in the effort and work hard.