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July 10, 2024
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(BPRW) Rizzness Launches Black Professional Organization

Rizzness is a curated networking community designed to connect Black Founders, Entrepreneurs, & CEOs

(Black PR Wire) Raleigh, NC – Rizzness, a pioneering networking platform for Black founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs, proudly announces its launch. Rizzness offers an invitation only community designed to connect top performers across various industries.

Rizzness stands out by providing a dynamic, secure environment for Black professionals to foster growth, share insights, and expand their influence. The platform is dedicated to empowering its members by offering access to tailored resources, including a curated newsletter, industry-specific groups, and opportunities for mentorship.

Members of Rizzness will benefit from a rich online community that supports both virtual and in-person events. These gatherings are designed to facilitate networking, professional development, and collaborative opportunities in a culturally affirming space.

"Rizzness is more than a networking platform; it's a movement to elevate Black excellence in the business world," said Takevius Carmon, Founder of Rizzness and CEO of Carmon Media Inc. "Our goal is to create a sanctuary where industry leaders can find not only growth and support but also a platform to amplify their voices and ideas."

The launch of Rizzness is a testament to Carmon Media Inc.'s commitment to innovation and leadership within the Black community. Based in Raleigh, NC, the company continues to develop new ways to support and inspire entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe.

For more information about Rizzness or to request an invitation, please visit

About Rizzness

Rizzness is a curated networking platform dedicated to connecting Black founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. As a product of Carmon Media Inc., Rizzness is committed to promoting excellence and innovation among top performers in multiple industries through a supportive and exclusive community.

About Carmon Media Inc.

Carmon Media Inc., founded by Takevius Carmon, is a forward-thinking media and communications company based in Raleigh, NC. Dedicated to creating impactful solutions and platforms for underserved communities and beyond, Carmon Media Inc. continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in media and professional networking.