Thrivin October, 2018

October, 2018

Ahh … a world without breast cancer! Education and awareness are part of the answer. Did you know that Black women in the U.S. are 40 percent more likely to die from breast cancer than white women?

Thrivin September, 2018

September, 2018


Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the matter.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1963, “I Have a Dream...” speech

This powerful message from Dr. King will forever resound true. The Congressional Black Caucus is doing everything in their power to hold steadfast to this mantra and ignite the community to make it happen. On September 12-16th, the Congressional Black Caucus will host its 48th Annual Legislative Conference at the Walter E. Washington Conference Center in Washington, D.C. This year’s theme is fittingly The Dream Still Demands Courage, Resilience, Leadership, and Legislation.

Thrivin August, 2018

August, 2018

Did you know that there are 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the country? This fall, Black PR Wire will put college students attending these universities on the write path!

Thrivin July, 2018

July, 2018

What has been your motivation to thrive and how will you continue to do so? Black PR Wire (BPRW) will address this question and more on our soon-to-be released YouTube channel. 

Thrivin June, 2018

June, 2018

The country is at a crossroads and time will record the leaders and organizations that took significant action to deliver positive change. During the 32nd Annual Conference of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. members from their global network will convene in Hollywood, Florida to offer attendees relevant workshops, panel discussions, community forums and more.

Thrivin May, 2018

May, 2018


As part of their Minority Leadership Series, which aims to empower and connect multicultural business professionals, Black PR Wire and Business Wire will host a mixer and live discussion entitled “Brands in Demand.” The event is set to take place on Thursday, May 10, 2018 from 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the Business Wire HQ, located at 40 E. 52nd Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY.

Thrivin April, 2018

April, 2018

Caring is sharing! Did you know that the month of April is officially recognized as National Minority Health Month? Numerous health providers work tirelessly each day to raise awareness about the health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities.

Thrivin March, 2018

March, 2018

Every March we celebrate women making strides, breaking barriers and making history in this country. They are our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends whose contributions to society have made an impact on the lives of many.

Thrivin February, 2018

February, 2018

Do you have a brand in demand? Business Wire and Black PR Wire will host/present our annual Black History Month Webinar as a part of this year’s Minority Leadership Series

Thrivin January, 2018

January, 2018

Happy New Year from your friends @BlackPRWire!

Thrivin December, 2017

December, 2017

Just in time for the holidays - Enjoy this December issue of Thrivin'!  Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa from your friends @BlackPRWire!

Thrivin November, 2017

November, 2017

Everyone looks forward to Thanksgiving Day in America. It’s a time for family gatherings, turkeys, stuffing, and homemade pie. Thanksgiving is also a time when we give thanks for our many blessings throughout the year.

Thrivin October, 2017

October, 2017

Image Works, a professional development firm, will host its three-day workforce professional training conference, “Hiring from the Sidelines,” on October 25-27, 2017. The conference is set to take place at the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington, DC, located at 1816 Twelfth Street, NW.

Thrivin September, 2017

September, 2017

Exploring today’s issues from an African American perspective, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) is set to take place September 20 - 24, 2017 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. This year’s them is: And Still I Rise.

Thrivin August, 2017

August, 2017

Thousands of African American students prepare to go back to school each year. Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) will rule as students go back to school in the fall to continue their growth and educational enrichment.

Thrivin July, 2017

July, 2017

These days, we’re experiencing a heat wave! So, Black PR Wire is making a big summer splash to help you cool down and save some cash! 

Thrivin June, 2017

June, 2017

Father figures have important roles in our lives …
They teach us to be strong and how to survive.
Father figures raise their sons from boys to men …
They protect their daughters until they become warrior women.

In recognition of Father’s Day, Black PR Wire has launched the month long campaign, entitled “Father Figures” whereby we honor and recognize African American men who have  made a profound impact in the lives of hundreds of people on a local, statewide, national and even global level.

Thrivin May, 2017

May, 2017

They help to shape us, mold us, and nurture us.  They are the backbone of nearly every family, in virtually every area of our lives. As we salute these astonishing people who sacrifice daily in order to provide for us, let’s be mindful to take the time to say “Thank You,” as we hold dearly to their words of wisdom, inspiration and hope.

Thrivin April, 2017

April, 2017

The theme for National Minority Health Month 2017
is Bridging Health Equity Across Communities. Throughout
April, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’
Office of Minority Health (OMH) joins with their partners in raising awareness about efforts across health, education, justice, housing, transportation and employment sectors to address the factors known as the social determinants of health. They include: environmental, social and economic conditions that impact health.

Thrivin March, 2017

March, 2017

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Black PR Wire and Women Grow Strong have teamed up to honor and highlight women who have made a profound impact in the lives of hundreds of people on a local, statewide, national and even global level.